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Hey, guys! I missed my chance to say it, but happy Year of the Monkey! In celebration, we here at Ninja Monkey Studios have launched the Ninja Monkey Webcomic! Please take a moment to come by and check it out! This comic has had a couple of false starts because, while I had all the players in place, my starting point never seemed quite right to me. I think I've found a jumping point and I have years of world building to go off of as well as characters I've spent many years developing. So, I hope you enjoy what I have so far and if you do, I would be grateful if you took the time to pledge on Patreon so I may continue to create full color pages every week.

There will be some news about conventions coming when plans are squared away. I missed Ahn!Con this year due to illness (bummer), but there's always next year. Didn't make the cut for Naka-kon this year either, but I'll keep trying! Sausome Con is a maybe and Motaku-- possibly a small press convention in St. Louis. We're keeping pretty busy here on top of family life, but it's an absolute pleasure to create for such a wonderful crowd. Thank you for your support!
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Project Comic Con will be this weekend, Oct. 17-18 with special emphasis on women in the comics industry. I hope you can attend if you're in the area and if you do, please stop by the Ninja Monkey Studios table and say "Hi!" I will be offering on site commissions at steeply reduced prices (Up to 75% off!). Originals are also available!

If you can't make it and would still like a commission, I have a handful of slots available through Thanksgiving. Please contact me via DevNote or by email at to share your ideas and for a quote! Commission are first come; first served. These make great gifts for the holidays and I'll draw just about anything, even NSFW (but no loli/shota or vore/gore). My general price list can be found HERE.

Pencil $30 Commission -- Teen Eiko by The-ZInk $50 Commission: Half Orc, concealed face by The-Zcolor $80 Commission: Jonas Gage by The-Z

Prices are based on complexity of character, pose, background. Discounts can be given for waist-up or busts. Ask for details. I can also do portraits from photographs. Real media originals like pencil, marker, ink, and/or paint can be mailed for an additional fee.
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I'll be attending Project: Comic Con in St. Louis October 17-18th. If you plan on visiting, please drop by my table. I'll be doing on site commissions and will have several products for sale. This year Project: Comic Con is featuring women in the comic industry. I wish I had more to show than the few comics I've had in promotional stuff, one anthology, and a handful of fan comics, but I am honored that I was welcome and given a table all the same! So, I hope to see if you if will be there that weekend!
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Can you believe it's already Back to School time? Summers seem so short these days. I feel like I hardly had any time to get anything done (and with two young kids and a new puppy, that's probably more true than I realize). I'm getting a little room to breathe now that one kid is occupied at school and the younger one is away with sitters half the week (that was a tough decision on its own). But back to school means holidays are around the corner which just seem like a constant flurry of activity. I wonder if I should try on purpose to have a slow holiday season this year, outside of visiting family and such. No busy running around. Just take it easy. I wonder if I even can.

I have a convention coming up in October in St. Louis which means a car trip! Woohoo! I had hoped to have comics and new prints to show there. While there's still some time, I'm really starting to feel the pressure of the clock ticking down. I have a start on two comics but I'm doing them in Manga Studio and while I have experience in the program, it just really seems to slow me down. I wonder if I shouldn't do the pages on paper first and then scan them. Could really help me out for speed.

I hope you all had a great Summer! I have a Society6 store that I'll be posting about later once I get some more products up there. Commissions are semi-open, though I'm slow. So, if you have something in mind, please feel free to message me. I wish you all good health!
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If you're an artists or a friend of artists or just a concerned citizen, please comb WALLPART.COM for stolen art. Many artists have been victims of art theft on this site, myself included. I'm not even a well-known artist and two of my commission example images were stolen from the ArtCorgi commission site! It seems they're not too picky. Don't let them make money off artists without permission. Visual art is intellectual property, even if it's shared online.


That website is fake! Is made to clickbait, redirecting traffic to it actually makes the issue worse!
Here is a text of what's actually going on, posted by a webDesigner among the ConceptArt community:

"I've seen a lot of people sharing this website and warning others about it's methods, (which is great and a sign us artists look out for each other) but by doing so unfortunately they might be contributing to the problem while they believe they are fighting it. And I think not everybody realizes what's actually going on.

As a webdesigner I believe I can shed some more light on the situation. 
Allow me to explain:

What does this 'Poster Shop' website do?

What this website was designed for is to generate traffic for a certain website-domain (by people visiting the website and sharing it to their friends) and to gather visitors'data and E-mail information. (by people using the 'search' function and/or contact-form trying to contact the website).

That's it's ONLY function; gathering traffic and potential customer data for domain X and business Y (or other shady purposes). Who visits?, what is his/her E-mail? and thanks for generating traffic to our site! They know their potential reach now, locations of target audience, can sell your E-mail with added info you're most likely 'artists' etc etc.

It's NOT really a poster-selling website. It's clickbait. A 'look-alike' info gatherer
A lot of it's functions are not working (not real) and an actual purchase seems impossible (out of stock - or error messages). There's countless other indications that it's FAKE but I won't bore you with those now.(webdesigners: have a look at the source-code).
There's no real company registration, location etc. either.

In fact...most likely ALL your moves have already been anticipated:

That you would get upset when you see your artwork there, that you would share this news with your friends, that you would search if your own or friends artworks would be there, and if so , you'd get in touch with them or share about this website. They don't care...there's no customer-service worried there or somebody feeling bad because accidentally your artwork was shown (but yourself); it was all intended as that was exactly what this website was designed for: to stir up a targeted community (in this case artists) and to gather a lot of resources and traffic from them.

It's a non-existent company operating from an empty office. Selling 'traffic' to investors instead of posters to art loving audiences. They sell an empty storage place as a well visited store.

It's really smart. But not in the respectable way.
Welcome to internet 3.0 where you're a tool for dubious commercial (or other) individuals who use the internet in their advantage in ways the goodminded audiences cannot even grasp. And you cannot trace them, hardly enforce anything on them, and just have to take it where it hurts. And it will only increase.

Having a domain that gets a lot of visitors and which is shared by many giving it a high search-engine position is very valuable; it sells advertisements and convinces investors.
You might think they'd know it's a fake website but they won't; they'll just see traffic numbers and search engine positions. Many well known companies use these tricks as well.

The traffic generated, data and E-mails gathered might not even be used for this 'Poster Shop' website but for a different (unknown) website/purpose all together.
This can be done via simple re-directs and also by simply changing the content of website over time (this fake will get a lot of visits already, and then the real site will have a perfect position on the internet already when that goes online and replaces the current fake content) and of course...selling 'customer info and audience demographics' is where the money is made online. It's what for example Facebook's entire businessmodel is based on.

I don't want to keep people from raising awareness , nor am I suggesting to ignore the issue, but keep the above in mind when you do so. In that same light I fear the petition (although I of course support it) might even be counterproductive and again aid their evil plans but not us as artists. I am not sure about this: but perhaps ignoring it is the best option since no actual artwork is being sold. Putting it in the spotlight might work against us. I am not here to offer the solution, just shedding a light on the problem.

Unfortunately these systems are set up in ways they're virtually impossible to counter; by acknowledging they are there or by trying to remove them ....they grow and multiply. 
(Like you also see with the countless porn and other spam in art groups all the time).
There's no internet police coming to the rescue either and nobody where you can really file a complaint; good luck finding a Russian dude running a fake UK company that could be operated from anywhere in the world. And renamed and redirected within seconds.
THIS is what those fun hacker-movies in the 80's were all about; directing the people where you want them to go and anticipating their behavior to your own advantage.

I hope that made sense and helped to shed a light on the situation.

Stick together as artists and don't let it keep you from making and sharing your amazing artwork with the world!"

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I have three commission slots open this month. MY PRICE LIST

1. _:iconthetamecrow: (?)_
2. ______
3. ______

I will draw existing characters, original, or portraits from photos. I draw humans, animals, and anthro. NSFW is A-OK, but no loli/shota or guro. Inquire about comic pages if you're interested.

For examples, please see my gallery. I'll make a fancy graphic of recent examples soon.
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Hey, all! Just wanted to let you know I'm participating in Final Fantasy 9's 15th birthday celebration over on Tumblr by creating fanart inspired by the game each day. Come check it out:
Ninja Monkey Studios Tumblr

Celebrating Marriage Equality: Also, if you missed it, I created several images of my favorite pairings on my tumblr to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage in the US.

Sausome Con was great! I love visiting with fans and friends in fandoms! We have a high percentage of cosplayers in the area, too, so that's always fun to watch. Thank you if you came by the Ninja Monkey table at the Con. Also, thank you if you're watching us because of that. Hi, new watchers!

We had a tornado actually touch down in the area twice and I got to watch a wall cloud pass less than ten miles north of my house. Crazy! Tornado sirens were going off for almost three hours straight. It was scary, exciting, and ultimately exhausting! Then the flooding came and we actually had water seep in to our kitchen and garage from all the run off following the storm. Strong winds ripped apart some trees and so many things got washed out of our yard. I found them about a block away down the road. Just another day in Tornado Alley.

Nothing some white cheddar popcorn and a handful of swedish fish couldn't fix :p

Well, except for the trees and broken roofs. Uh, couldn't fix those so easily, but our family was lucky enough to escape those problems.

Back to art!
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Hi, everyone! Just dropping by to say I'll be in the Artist Alley at Sausome Con in KC this weekend. Sausome is a new anime/jpop culture convention in the area, so get in on the ground floor! If you're attending, please stop by Ninja Monkey Studio's table and say "hi"! Help support my art. I do on site commissions at a reduced rate. I sell prints, keychains, bookmarks, and stickers. If you want to drop by and bring your sketchbook, I'm happy to take a look and give you pointers, too. I hope to see some of you there!
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I really appreciate the sentiment! Thank you especially to long-time watchers who drop by year after year for birthday greetings. You are wonderful! Welcome to new watchers, too. I hope I can continue to entertain.

I still have requests on my mind. I ran short of time in April with the household getting sick and then birthdays hitting. I'm carrying a big commission project right now and addressing other little ones that filter in over time. I also have a big project on which I really should get some work done before my conventions this year sneak back up on me ^^

I haven't really celebrated my birthday yet. I concentrated on my daughter's which is two days before mine. I think I'm going to roll my celebrate in to my wedding anniversary which is at the end of this month. nockergeek and I have been together more than half of our lives now! I wouldn't have it any other way. He's truly my best friend. To celebrate, we're going to meet a group of friends at a local arcade and pretend it's the 80's :3 I wonder how strange it will be since we won't be plunking quarters. It's a pay per hour/free play sort of set-up. I hope they have Joust and Spy Hunter!

Everything here is in full bloom. The second wave of flowers is starting to fall and make ready for the berries and vegetable flowers. I planted blackberries and tomatoes in my back yard this year. I'm so excited to show my daughters how to enjoy the earth's bounty. Maybe one day we'll live in a place we can have chickens and goats, too! (so stinky!)
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I don't often open requests since I generally have enough to keep me busy, but I'm going to try to draw every day in April and I may need some inspiration, so if you have any requests, please feel free to leave a comment. References are appreciated. I can't guarantee the quality since it's a busy month, but it's worth a shot, right? Hope to hear from you!

EDIT: No offense meant to those whom have already commented, but I'm not doing this as an OC request. I'm not as likely to draw OCs. That's the majority of my paid business. I will accept commissions anytime for OCs. :star:My price list is here:star:. I understand if you have no money. I've been there. Artists need to eat too, though. I may run an OC commission special later in the year. So, please don't be disappointed if I decline some OC requests. I should have been more specific and said I'm looking for ideas and fanart suggestions and the like. That's my fault. Thank you for the response, though!
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Hi everyone! Sorry for the unannounced absence. The holidays hit with a vengeance and right after that is my first convention of the year and after that a few family birthdays and WHEW rl kept me busy enough. Since I knew it wouldn't be a great time for finished pieces, I decided to take some time for a fun little meme I found on Tumblr. I redesigned several old characters-- sketches mostly, according to themes for each day. Some turned out well. Some were meh. Others kind of pissed off my character muses and I'm not sure they'll ever talk to me again. Ah well.

I have some exciting news to announce! There's a new anime convention to the Kansas City area, SausomeCon and I'll have a table this year as Ninja Monkey Studios. Hoping to see friends and some new faces there. The guest line up looks great so far. Speaking of a great (incredible) guest line up, Ninja Monkey Studios will also be at Project: Comic Con in St. Louis this year. We'll be one of the featured artists since they're focusing on female artists of the industry. Thank you to the panelists for choosing us! The guest list is thrilling and intimidating!

Other than having a couple of comic projects to keep me busy this year, I'll take on commissions as I can, but I don't suspect I'll really be able to delve in to them until later this year unless I get bored. I'm considering updating and re-opening my online store and possibly find another way to make income while I'm working on publishing so I get at least a little positive cashflow. When I figure out the ins and outs of that, I'll post more.

There are so many changes to DeviantArt to keep up with. I still haven't made any customized skins or played around much with my widgets which were introduced years ago 6_9 I need a manager. Hopefully, I'll have more activity over here, but if you miss more frequent updates from me, please check out my Tumblr or the Ninja Monkey Studios FB page. Thanks, guys!
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Motaku was great fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat or to pick something up! I really enjoyed your company and sharing my art with you. I finished a total of 20 commissions at the con and I brought one home with me. Holymoly, how time flew by! I couldn't even check my streetpasses on Saturday! I missed out on a lot of tags that way XD

Some highlights (besides you wonderful people, and I mean that), are two commissions for Deadpool taking out Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. TheElusiveDime found a potted plant in need of some TLC with a post-it note of "I am Groot" on it. I do hope you post that, man.

I'm wiped out and my house is a disaster! I'll spend a day recovering and then get to work sharing art with you folks. Thanks again for the company and for the support. I appreciate it all.

Next con is Ahn!Con (whee, a yaoi con~) in January. Hope to see you there!
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Going to Motaku this weekend! Ninja Monkey Studios will have a table there. Please stop by and visit!
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    Not that I have any lack of things to do vs. time in which to do them, but I thought I'd poll my followers for some opinions. What would you like to see? These aren't necessarily requests. I just love sharing my talent.
    Original Characters
    Figure Studies or portraits
    anime fanart
    game fanart
    I tend to like more quiet fandoms, older stuff, and sometimes more obscure titels to avoid the throngs of noisy fans. Not that I don't like things that are popular, but super opinionated fans turn me off a subject for a while.
    I'm currently prepping for Motaku in August and I'll be taking commissions in late August again, but in the meantime, these are just good doodle ideas in those little windows of spare time/boredom.
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So, Easter rolled along and then it was time for Tiny the Greater's birthday. My first baby is 7 years old! Can you believe it? She continues to astound and frustrate me :) Her birthday means mine is just around the corner. Conveniently placed so I wouldn't forget her b-day, don't you think? Or maybe vice versa. I'm creeping closer to 40. I see people freaking about having birthdays in their 20s and just giggle. I really enjoyed my 20s! But then, I didn't have kids. Those little vampires really make you count your years more carefully. But, childhood doesn't last forever and watching them grow has really brought back some of the fondest memories of my childhood. And then there are all the children's books I get to read

over and over and over...

So, other than that, I have a big commission in the works from the church to do a huge illustration for their teen's ministry. It should be fun! My mom has moved in with us. We stuck our toe into the housing market to give it a try and decided not to jump in yet. We're still not in a good position after almost a decade to sell our house thanks to all the foreclosures in our area :p Frankly, I just don't know how a family is supposed to get by with a decent sized house, children, cars, and then all assorted living expenses. No wonder the middle class is half underwater! How did single income families in days past ever make a nice sized household work? I guess we had more and better paying jobs here in the US.

I'll try to keep up on my own projects, but a big part of my professional time will be dedicated to that church project. Oh my gosh! And Summer is just around the corner! We've had early Spring temperatures lately, so it hardly feels that way. Maybe we'll have a mild Summer, but with all the tornadoes lately...

Anyway, there's a big dump on all the junk in my life right now. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief now that April is over. Happy May Day!
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Wow! April has been so busy with take-home commissions from Naka-kon, personal projects, outstanding commissions, Easter, and birthdays. On top of all that, I'm preparing my little house to move my mother in. Her boyfriend with whom she had just started staying died of a sudden heart attack (smoking related, incidentally). Her Winter was pretty miserable while she watched his house for the family. Her job, even at full time, doesn't pay enough for her to move into an apartment around here and she doesn't have any roommate prospects at her age. So, she's moving in with us. Things will be tight, but there are people who make it on less.

We're looking at the housing market for a place to move, but I'm not sure if I want to jump into an existing house or get a new build. I sure would like a place that is my own and has ever been my own and one that I can live in until my children graduate and possibly beyond. I want an energy efficient place and I'd really love space for a studio, but I don't know how that will go. We'll see how we do together as a family first and then decide what we need.

So, with all that on my mind, I'm taking a little break for Easter weekend. I'm going to take this time to wish all my friends and followers a Happy Easter. Rejoice in the rejuvenation! Bite some bunny ears. Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to view my offerings.

Be loved.
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Wow! February was busy with snow days, birthdays, and trying to stay warm on this unusually cold Winter! Spring's just around the corner and Naka-kon is right on our doorstep. I'll be at the Naka-kon artist alley under the banner of Ninja Monkey Studios. If you're attending, stop by and say "hi"! I'll have prints, products, and on site commissions for sale! You could walk away with an original piece for a great price!

I hope to see some of you there!
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To help absorb the impact of some expensive car repairs, I'm opening a few commission slots. Reservations are first come, first served. I have a few other commissions pending, so completion on these commissions won't be until early/mid February. If you're interested, please DevNote me or contact me at


1. _Forsaken2544_
2. _______
3. _______
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I've had my Tumblr for a couple years but never seemed to have more than a placeholder on it. I'm determined to be more active over there this year, as well as some of my adult galleries (like y-gallery and hentai foundry). While you may not see a lot of new stuff over on Tumblr, I do have some older art and my adult art blog is linked from there. Come on by and have a look! I've been having fun posting groups of pictures in a theme. Hope to see you there!

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Gearing up for Ahn!Con in KCMO January 10-12! This is my first year there (the second year of the con itself). I feel woefully under prepared, but I'm hoping to have a fun time all the same. So, if you'll be in the area, please stop by the Ninja Monkey Studios booth! I do on-site commissions as well as selling prints. I hope you can make it! Ahn!Con website

I'll also be at Naka-Kon again this year. I don't think we've made it for the last two years due to baby and such, but that takes place March 14-16 in Overland Park, KS. More on that later.

Now that the holiday rush is over, I hope to get back to posting new works and possibly taking commissions in the next few months. I've upgraded to a premium membership hoping it will encourage me to post more. In the end, it's all up to my turbo tiny, though. I have a toddler firmly in the terrible twos. She really wears me out x_x See you soon! (I hope... send a boat if not.)